Thursday, March 27, 2008

We're heading home early!

Hello everyone. This will probably be the last entry to this blog for a while, because in a few hours we are heading home! This morning we strolled Emma around and let her chase pigeons in a park, and this afternoon we had our US Embassy appointment to sign more papers and get Emma's passport. We then went back to the law offices and found out that Emma's blood test result was in and was negative, the birth certificate listing us as Emma's parents was finished, and that all we had left to do was bring our daughter home! So we had our driver take us right over to the airline office and were able to change our flights to leave Friday AM instead of Sunday! Woohoo! We're just finishing packing and contemplating the marathon flight home and the end of our long adoption journey. Three trips halfway around the world. Over a year of preparation. It's hard to believe we're really done. Of course, it's not the end at all, but the beginning of our lives together.
Once we get settled in at home, I'll post an update on how Emma is doing. To those of you who went before us, thank you for your guidance and encouragement. To those in the midst of the process, have faith and it will happen for you too. To our friends and staff who have supported us through this roller coaster ride, thanks for helping us hold on to reach this fantastic finish. To our family, we love you so much and WE'RE COMING HOME!